Where Do You Stand on the New Twitter Ads?

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In a world where nothing is free, it was going to happen sooner or later: sponsored tweets have come to Twitter. Ad-like tweets have been present since 2010, but the difference with the new tweets is that they are showing up in your Twitter stream whether you follow the brand or not, and users will not be able to opt out of seeing the ads (though you can make them disappear once they're in your stream by clicking "dismiss." Like billboards on the side of the road, ads on Twitter are now catching your eye, whether you like it or not.

So how do you feel about it? On one hand, why shouldn't Twitter borrow our eyes if they've been providing what amounts to a free service for years? If people don't like ads, they always have the option to stop using Twitter.

On the other hand, few people welcome advertising interruptions, and sponsored ads in the Twitter stream are akin to having phone solicitors constantly calling your house. You can ignore them only so far -- your eye will still pick up on them as they fall between two people's status updates on what they had for lunch.

Where do you stand on the new Twitter ads?

Photo Credit: David Berkowitz.

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