Where Do You Store Your Fat?

They say it's different between men and women. Personally, I store my fat here:

When I was a kid, my mother used to have this thing, this metal, adjustable, spring-loaded contraption that clipped onto the top of any frying pan, like a lid, but with holes and you just tilted your pan and poured the grease right out. Into the sink. While cold water ran down the drain.

Now, however, due to the freaking out and chastising of my husband, I must pour fat from ground beef or whatever into a spaghetti sauce jar. But I have to use the frying pan lid, carefully placing the lid on top but leaving a little opening on one side as I torque my body and strain my wrists waiting for the last few drops of fat to fall into the jar. It's quite precarious, and one of these days a disaster will occur.

My kingdom for a proper meat strainer/drainer/thingy! I can't find such a beast anywhere! What do YOU people use to drain your meat (so to speak)?

I swear if it doesn't exist, this would be the perfect thing for me to invent and become rich off of with one of those Guthy-Renker/Ronco-type infomercials:

"...just snap it on, then secure it using our patented Nanny Goats In Panties 'Pan Strapper'. Look at how easy this fat pours into your spaghetti sauce jar. Are ya keepin' up with me camera guy? It's so easy a goat can use it! And if you act before midnight tonight, we'll throw in three empty spaghetti sauce jars free!"

Yeah, man. I just need me a goat costume and an extra large pair of pink ruffled panties, like Braja made me the other day when she honored me as Talk Show Host #3 in her sidebar...

I'm gonna be rich! Rich, I tell ya! Just look for me in your Preview Guide under "Paid Programming".


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