Where do you write?

I want a nook.

Not The Nook™. I want a little area where I can go to write.  I want to go there with a cup of coffee and close the door.  I want it to be pretty and sunny and silent, free of televisions and telephones. I'd like to sit there for as long as I want so I can write and revise and rearrange.  As bloggers, we all understand that sense - the urge to take the words from our thoughts and change them into something tangible.  I'm beginning to love that feeling, that pull.

My nook-lust has made me wonder where others do their writing, especially the bloggers with young families. Do you have a little spot where you can tune everything out, or have you learned to work around the distractions?   Do you feel resentful when you're pulled away, like I do?  I'm pretty new at this and I'll admit that I get a little cranky when I'm interrupted.  Hopefully, with more experience I'll start to believe that the words will still be there when I return.

Whether your PC is in the middle of your kitchen table amidst breakfast dishes and homework - or you've managed to find yourself a nook, it's great to see so many women writing.  Hitting that "submit" button is an act of courage. You're putting yourself out there for the world to read, rejection be damned. But when it happens, when you see that people are reading your work, it's gratifying beyond words.  Blogging for me is the ultimate oxymoron...I'm wildly possessive of what I write, but thrilled to see it shared.

Nook or no nook, I'm all in.




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