Where Does the Beverly Center Get Off?

Blogger Always Beginning the World pointed me in the
direction of this tragic bit of info. Apparently the Beverly Center in Los
Angeles does not carry above a size 12 in any of their stores. This is
completely insane to me. 60% of the female population wears a size 14 or above.
60%! That is a HUGE. Basically the Beverly Center is saying that they don’t
want 60% of women shopping at their stores, that 60% of women’s money is
useless and that 60% of women don’t exist.

Now I could understand if the Beverly Center was a boutique
mall, meaning that it was filled with true designer stores. A lot of high end
designers don’t make clothes above a size 12, some don’t even make clothes
above a size 8. This is not the case. The mall is filled with mall staples like
Banana Republic, Macy’s, and Ann Taylor stores that happily carry above a size
12 elsewhere in the country.

What I think is truly deplorable is that there is nothing on
the Beverly Center website stating that the mall has a “policy” against
plus-sized women. My question is where is the lawsuit? Why aren’t women in Los
Angeles mad as hell over this? Does it seem like there is nothing that could be
done? I’m fairly certain some sort of legal action would get the Beverly Center
to sing a different tune. It’s not as though “plus-sized” clothing is a minor
component of what is purchased in this country as the aforementioned 60% of the
population would show.

I don’t understand how a shopping center can so outwardly
discriminate against a group of people without any repercussions. Keep in mind that the Beverly Center DOES
carry a wide range of men’s sizes it’s just women that they feel they can
discriminate against. I don’t live in Los Angeles but if I did you can bet your
booty I would be organizing something to show them my disgust. I’m not a
plus-size but I don’t think it makes it okay to discriminate against those who
wear above a size 12. Why make it any harder for this group of people to find
clothing. I hear all the time how hard it is for women to find well made, well
fitting plus-sized clothing. A mall like the Beverly Center seems like a great
place to shop considering the amazing array of stores that they house. It has
the potential to be a wonderful option for plus-sized women.

FYI here is the number for the Beverly Center (310) 854-0071
do with it as you will.

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