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Writing for January’s NaBloPoMo prompts. My daily blog posts will appear at www.ApronFreeCooking.com The posts I’m doing here are for the writing prompt, as often the prompts don’t fit in with the theme of my cooking blog.  Sometimes, I am able to tie the prompt in with a recipe or cooking related item. Those posts will appear on the ApronFreeCooking site. The others, I’ll be posting here on BlogHer.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 From where do you draw your energy?

My energy to get things done comes from several sources. I’d like to say it’s attributed to proper nutrition, good rest and adequate exercise. That would be a false statement. 

Mostly, my energy comes from caffeine (preferably a good cuppa tea, but coffee, cappuccino, soda and hot chocolate suffice in tea’s absence). The rest of my energy comes from sheer will power.

I’ve learned over time, that as a single parent, there are many days when I needed the boost from caffeine and the kick in the pants from willpower. No matter what else happened during my days, I still needed to make sure the children were fed, bathed, dressed and off to school. I still had to go into the office and work. I still had to make sure the household was cared for, lawn mowed, dishes washed, laundry sorted, bills paid, etc.

Daily I made choices on which of the household chores were prioritized and which were left for another day. The “to-do” list often was longer than I’d like. So, on those days, I’d pour another cuppa and bluster my way through the list. Willpower is a strong force, when you put it to use. A good use of willpower is one that accomplishes a goal or task that needs done. Balancing the check book, for example.  A bad use of willpower, stubbornly refusing to mow the lawn, until the neighbors complain.

Now, that my children are grown and I’ve remarried, I’ve been able to refocus my energy. I have a partner to help with the household chores and we’ve divided the labor between us. I no longer have to balance the checkbook, to everybody’s benefit!

I’m looking forward into 2013 and plan to use some of my energy to refine my relationship with my husband and family. I intend to focus some of my energy into creative outlets such as writing and sewing. I will direct a good portion of my energy into better nutrition, sleep and exercise.


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