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Jenny Feldon
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Karma (continued...)

I'm from endless coffee mugs, from Tide and Kraft macaroni and cheese, from fresh baked whole wheat bread and necklaces made from bubble gum wrappers. I am from 64-count boxes of Crayola crayons, Oshkosh and construction paper and wooden blocks to build a foundation. I'm from right off the Pike, below Sunset Boulevard, the beaches of Malibu and Nantucket, the sidewalks of the Village and the Upper West Side. I'm from Andhra Pradesh and LA's east side. From a rock in the middle of nowhere that let you see every star.  From the left side of the bed, from a battered kitchen table with white-painted legs...

It started with a prompt and the simplest of questions: where are you from? When I started writing, I realized how many places my soul had traveled before I found the answer:

I'm from here. I always will be.