Where to Look: Miraculous in the Usual

I was immersed in the whistles of high bough song birds and moss so soft and spongy that my knees and feet sunk into the ground. I waited kneeling at the base of majesties. As silent as the arrival of intuition or an angels approach the canopy of my temple opened and the heaven's poured in. Light!

“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.”  -William S. Burroughs

My life replays before me in these moments, a reel of miracles. They are magic. On this day I returned to the wisdom obtained through patience, honoring the grace of stillness. 

My son wide-eyed was inspired to marvel upward while quietly sitting at my feet. I sunk deeper into this pause and tattooed the moment into the memory of my heart forever, his eyes shining with wonder.

...we seek from our teachers, insatiable sponges sitting at their feet. The answers always come silently.

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