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(The use of the pronouns “him, he, and his” in reference to attackers does not purposely stereotype men as violent, or imply that all attackers are male;  however, because statistics show that women are more often subjected to attacks by men, the  pronouns are used as general terms of reference).


When a woman is attacked it is often by surprise, and there is very little time to react defensively. A woman has to decide in a split second to either be a victim or to be a defender and fight back.


An attacker has the element of surprise on his side, and most likely a weapon. What do you have? It is often not much more than your purse, cell phone, lipstick, gum and keys, and by then is too late.  You are not prepared.  Why is your attacker prepared?  Because it is very likely that he has done this before and learned from experience that you can't hurt him.  He knows that you are not prepared, that you are afraid, and that you won't fight back.  But what  if he doesn’t notice the pretty little heart shaped key ring with a sharpened point that is about to hit him in the jugular?  What if he mistakes the elegant gold ring on your finger, filled with pepper spray for a regular piece of decorative jewelry?  What if he doesn't realize that the cell phone you have in your hand is really a stun gun, and that he is about to get the shock of his life?   Then suddenly the tables have turned, you are prepared and giving yourself a fighting chance.


Don’t be caught off guard.  Women have very busy lives and there is always so much to do, and not enough time to do it.  A predator knows this. An attacker is planning; fantasizing; and waiting, and before you know it, your life is in someone else’ hands.  When this happens it is your attacker who decides whether you go home safely or not.


 Fashionably Safe offers women a fighting chance.  Minutes or seconds may be all that you have to act defensively and utilize that chance, and you may not even realize that you have it until the very second that you need it. Our products are made to blend into your everyday life.  Key chains, cell phones, rings, even your purse can be conveniently disguise to conceal potent and effective non-lethal defense devices; our products are not awkward, cumbersome or ominous.  Instead they are stylish and appealing to women who want to protect themselves without sacrificing their sense of femininity or fashion.  Fashionably Safe provides everyday accessories that not only make you look good, but also feel great about having them with you.


Be prepared.  Be safe.  Be Fashionably Safe.





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