Where was Google when NDAA Got Signed?

Do our rights to internet supersede the right to a fair trial? Where was Google or anyone on the internet channels or networks when THAT got signed? I am infuriated- their whole campaign to keep our internet rights is not in OUR interest but THEIRS. The only reason why they are protesting is because they have a business invested in the internet. Without the internet the way it is today they would have no money and that’s that. Their add campaigns, public sharing sites would be shut down. But what about our right to an attorney, to trial???? Now if they find you a "suspect of terrorism" you can be thrown in jail indefinitely. No matter what age you are. So, I am asking Google, where were you to protest that? I think that is a little more important than "our right to post."

 to learn more about our new lack of rights, go to http://www.aclu.org/blog/tag/NDAA


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