New Season of Weeds Has Nancy Fired Up and Rolling in NYC

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Oh Nancy Botwin, Nancy Botwin, you didn't take any Parenting classes during your unfortunate incarceration, did you?   Lucky season number seven of Weeds has kicked off with a bang: after only three episodes Nancy's already rejected her very forgiving kids, traded a suitcase full of grenades for Afghanistan marijuana and taken a lover.  So Nancy's far from reformed, operating from new turf in New York City, and the season is looking like it's rolled pretty tight.
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Yes, Weeds has taken some goofy turns in the last few years and may well have jumped the shark with that underground-tunnel-originating-in-a-maternity-store madness, but it's still one of my favorite shows. It has a quirky sensibility, creator Jenji Kohan has an interesting take on modern culture and family dynamics, and I'm just plain old hooked.  (I might have a long-running crush on Mary-Louise Parker as well. Perhaps. Maybe. No one rocks a short skirt and a Starbucks straw like MLP.)
The thing about season seven is that it picks up Nancy's saga three years after the season six cliffhanger.  What's cool, so far at least, is they've kept the weird storylines at bay and seem grounded again in letting the quirks reside in the characters instead of in the plot.  I truly hope this holds up.
And with the three-year jump, the older kids are grown and Stevie isn't a baby anymore and he's in the care of her sister. Nancy is still a wretched mother, but at least I'm not perpetually wondering if I should call Television Protective Services on her like I was last year when Stevie was often forgotten and looking rather limp. Also, Silas is of legal age now so it's not skeevy for him to be a sexy, shirtless draw--which is a relief, because there is no way on any planet that Andy was believable as a hottie.
I like it that Nancy's arc has always been a great study in entrepreneurial career advancement, so I'm glad she's jumping right back into the weed game.  New York has to be a tough field, but as they say, if you can sell MILF weed there you'll make it anywhere. In case you need a refresher, here's her recent resume/rap sheet.
  • Season 1. Nancy starts her own business as a new widow. Beginning with pot sales to soccer moms, she later branches out to selling at a bakery storefront and at the state college to expand her turf. Easy peasy.
  • Season 2.  Good business means controlling your suppliers, so Nancy masters new growhouse skills. (Snoop loves her MILFweed, yo!) 
  • Season 3. Seeking more protection than she has with her mom and pop op, Nancy becomes a lieutenant in a larger gang operation. Management has its perks--and challenges. Um, like gang war driveby shootings, trucks of heroin and stuff.
  • Season 4. Smuggling across the Tijuana/San Diego border turns her operation international. As a plus, the intrigue gets her hot. Although, actually, going for an iced latte gets her hot, too.
  • Season 5. Not quite retired, Nancy does step back to focus more on long-term ventures. She becomes angel investor in her son's medical marijuana dispensary and becomes the First Lady of Tijuana. As you do.
  • Season 6. Back on the front lines of supply and sales, Nancy launders trimmings into hash and directs her team to sell while living on the run. She's so crafty!
That's Weeds. You can learn how to succeed in business without even trying to be a good parent a half-of-an-hour at a time.  If you're a fan like me, you're probably happy the Botwins are back. But if you gave up on the show in the last few seasons, you might want to give it another go now, because it looks like the dog days of Tijuana tunnels are over now and Nancy is back to basics. Pot and Sex in the City. What could go wrong?

I'm looking forward into finding out where this next year is headed. It may well be the last puff for the show, but for now, I'm still hooked on the MILFweed. Are you in, or are at least willing to give it another go? 

Contributing Deb Rox just says no to dealing drugs and prefers to make her cash the old-fashioned way. You know, the long con. That, and blogging.


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