Where in The World?

 I have never had a destination family vacation. Never been on a honeymoon. Never left the country except to Canada (Which was theater performing related). 

Oh I have been to places that some would say I am lucky to have been able to see. I DID go to Hawaii 2 years ago for my sister's wedding, so I guess that counts. That was beautiful, and I enjoyed spending time with my dad, and getting antagonized by my oh so adorable baby sister. :P
Where have I been? Growing up on the West Coast has allowed me to explore most of the coastal range from Alaska all the way down to Southern California and everywhere in between. I was born in Alaska, and remember snow, and Moose (which terrified me. I was 5 and under)I saw Gigantic fish, bald eagles and enormous mountain ranges. I don't remember much because I was 5 and under. 
I lived in various parts of California~ San Diego, San Bernadino, San Lois Obispo, Pismo Beach, Santa Monica... All amazing. I visited Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The Beach? Go there. 
I lived in Oregon too. Up on Mt. Hood in Parkdale. In The Dalles. In Rowena. Still amazing. I also lived in Washington. Vancouver, White Salmon, Snowden. To some, I lived in vacation destinations. The landscape is breathtaking. Nature is everywhere. Some call the Pacific Northwest "God's Country."  I have travelled ALL over Washington and Oregon.  It was considered home. It always will be. But it has never been considered a vacation place to me, until I moved all the way across the country to Pittsburgh. 
Now, I travel to the west coast yearly to visit family and friends. I admit it is getting harder as time constraints and airfare costs rise. 
As a family however we haven't really taken a vacation except for camping, but does that really count? 
So this year we have an opportunity to take a family vacation after Christmas. The question is Where do we go? Hubby wants to go somewhere warm. I want it to be budget friendly. We have been looking at all sorts of places. 
The Beaches all inclusive resort in the Bahamas? $16 grand. Oh EM GEEEEEE! That didn't even include airfare. Seriously? They gave us an option to upgrade for a total of $35K. For REALS. No thank you. 
I would love to take the kids to Disney. To a warm sandy beach that doesn't have traces of OIL SPILL on it. On a cruise. SOMEWHERE. ANYWHERE. 
So this girl needs some serious help, and I am calling on YOU dear Internet. Where do we go? Save me some money! Show me where to take a family with 2 teens, a tween and a baby. oh yeah. Throw in a couple of adults, and you got yourself a gigantic family. 


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