Where in the world is BlogHer '09?

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==UPDATE: OK, the poll has been closed. With thousands of votes between the post-conference survey and this poll, I think we're all set. Thanks you so much everyone, not only for your votes, but also for the awesome civic pride on display in these comments :)

The leading contenders are:
St. Louis

This is what happens next: We try to find a venue. Our needs are pretty specific...large enough to hold the conference and the sleeping rooms under one roof (we've heard you that you much prefer that), affordable room rates, calendar availability of course, Wifi capabilities, capacity for exhibitors and sponsors...the basics any conference of our size needs.

Stay tuned...as I said, we hope to announce before the end of the month.

Thanks again!
I've heard a lot of rumbling out there wondering where BlogHer '09 will be. Well, just like last year, we're going to poll the community. We included the below poll in the post-conference survey for attendees, but we want to make sure those of you who didn't attend can also weigh in.

Please do take the poll and let us know which city is your #1 choice for the BlogHer '09 event in July 2009. And feel free to add it to your site, so your readers can vote too.

Some things we bear in mind that you might want to too:
-Smaller cities and towns are often cheaper to be in, but more expensive to get to
-Same goes for how long it takes to get somewhere...is the city a hub, or will most people have to take multiple flights?
-It's July, so weather is definitely a factor
-We discovered last year that Las Vegas is only cheap during the week. On the weekends it's wildly expensive. So a vote for Vegas is a vote for considering changing the conference to be mid-week!

Finally, after you take this poll the poll will collapse and not let you take it again. Sorry, one vote only, please :)

We hope to make a decision before the month is out, so vote away!!


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