Younger Women And The Check Mark For Elder Respect...

For the moms out here who have a certain anxiety in the pit of their stomachs as daughters fast approach those hormonal/unsettling teenage years? I say, you're just preparing for the war! A teen daughter's mishaps, uncertainties and learning curves, will ultimately pass over without too much fanfare if she's raised with the best of motherly& fatherly advice and attention- hopefully.

In real time, it's often the single mom who is doing the raising where she has become both parents; mom and dad to her teenaged daughter. But, still, there is hope for raising an obedient and well - responsible teen. However, I'm going to switch gears a bit from this intro to speak upon those other woes- the young women woes! From where I'm sitting, it has always been the truism  (adage) that "even an old dog can learn new tricks." Okay, I'm speaking of me and how I'm not against learning something new from someone who has been there and basically "done that". 

I'm a true believer in, and very respectful elderly wisdom. In fact, I've taken pleasure in writing about the wisdom of the elderly over the years. The thing that gets my goat these days? The obvious disrespect that seemingly, this younger generation of women have in regards to older/elder life lessons. In a group setting, young women have been observed bemoaning their love lives, crying over making the same mistakes and talking foul without regards to the person sitting next to them.

In a public arena, women , I feel ,should conduct themselves in a respectful manner and behave with respect. Okay, it's all about self- respect .  Believe me, I'm nobody's good girl. I've been present and in the moment during those terrible teen outbursts and younger woman days where I didn't have a glue. Yet, I knew how to conduct myself among older folks. I didn't curse, smoke and use any "F" or "B" bomb. I seriously wonder if the words were ever considered in a sentence in my day ( must be an age thing)

I suppose the point of this post is: Younger women are baffling to me when it comes to the choices they make. I speak of women who apparently come from great homes, single responsible parents, different cultures, cordial moms and dads, church going folks and its not a black or white thing... It's a younger woman thing.  Many, many, women of this generation who stands for adulthood, yet sorely misses the mark.

Younger women gone wild ? Well, there's a time and place for that. It's when they've become immune to how they're preceived by the wiser generation of women and couldn't give a sugar, honey, iced, tea!  


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