Wherein I share a hermetic secret. PS. The voices in your head may hate me for this.

As it turns out, the voices are not a racist bunch; you don’t have to suffer from schizophrenia to hear them. Each and every one of us has voices that dwell in our beautiful minds.

Also, the voices are stupid. Not only are they NOT reflective of what the rest of the world is thinking, but they’re an imaginary figment that at some point inherited way too much power over our own feelings of inadequacy.

Oh and here’s some pudding for that proof

It dawned on me recently that whatever I’m doing – whether it be training, cutting the grass or buying food – I’ve been doing it a hell of a lot longer than the majority of the people the voices are trying to impersonate. (Now there’s a happy thought.)

Dear the voices in my head:

I will no longer apologize for myself. Or to myself. I realize that this totally changes the dynamic of our relationship and understand if you feel the need to move out. You’re also welcome to stay. Just know that entertaining my own feelings of inadequacy will no longer be considered as our favourite past time. So make yourself useful and remind me to pick up a box of Triscuits for our Friday night Criminal Minds.




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