Where's the beef??

Part of my New Year's resolution bundle of things to do, was cleaning up my diet.  As a single woman who has a gaggle of gay friends, I eat out most of the time.  It doesn't matter, brunch then lunch and later dinner at those little expensive boutique places that no one has ever heard of on a weekly sometimes daily basis. It was torture to my body (and budget) and I wanted a huge change because I felt really sluggish and toxic.  So I decided to try vegetarianism.  So far I have only had one slip up at Olive Garden, why was I there in the first place? But Since then, I have been very good with the whole no meat thing, thats the easy part.  The hard part is eating food that is actually good for you, so that bag of chips that I ate (the big family bag) yesterday was not on my plan.  Everyday is a new day and I will try again. 

Cooking is not something that I am a fan of, I would rather eat cereal everyday than cook, but another big part of my resolution bundle is preparation for the future.  I am giving up some of the bad habits I have nurtured up until this time in preparation for something better and/or different.  I heard on a radio show talking about marriage that singles are now in a society that values independence and women can do well without a man around, and women are leading board rooms and all that great stuff, but one thing was said about these same women and marriage: we are not prepared for marriage.  We are so used to running the show that we forget how to support and encourage our men to be the head of the household.  We are so accustomed to the habit of spending on things like going out eating everyday, shopping and whatnot that we forget that one day this money won't be for just my stuff but a household with two and possibly kids.  So I am trying to get my spending under control, get my credit all shiny and become a domestic goddess because these things could make a big difference in my future relationships


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