Where's the drama, oh yeah ... Here!

 So it seems that there is always some new drama, secret or scandal ready for my waiting ears each time I visit one of any of my friends.

When everyone seems to tell you everything (with the begining always "you can't repeat this to anyone" or some such simmilar don't tell remark) and when you have several different groups of friends that in one way or another seem to eventually overlap you can bet that at least 90% of this OMFG news is going to be about someone you know, whether the person telling you knows that or not is another story.

So far I have been such a good girl. I've kept everyones secrects and managed not to muddle up what I should and shouldn't know when talking to different friends.

Well .... There is only so much one girl can intake before her head will surely explode. So I have decided to start this blog as my way of venting out and discussing all of this issues, scandles, secrets and problems. Be it with the world or if no one ever reads this then just myself.


Some topics to come:

Stalkers, crazy ex's, cheaters, being labled a home wrecker, overbearing men, weird men, crazy women and people who just wont take advice that is the exact answer to all of their problems... For starters


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