Where's My Golden Glow?



I've been lurking around the blogosphere lately and lawd, do people have some perfect, beautiful lives. Moms who look like they model for Anthropologie and never wipe butts and are always surrounded by a perfect golden glow. The beautiful cherub children who adore them. And these blogs have thousands of readers who want to look at their pretty pictures. Sorry this blog doesn't have pretty pictures, five readers.

I thought about making this blog into a "beautiful picture" blog and projecting the life I want you to think I have. A life lived in fabulous clothes with fabulous hair in fabulous lighting. Oh, and did I mention I'm a mom, too? But frankly, that just takes too much effort, and I've got butts to wipe. I wear the same four pairs of pajama pants most of the week, my hair is fried, and I haven't worn makeup in days. I still think it's pretty fabulous, but it's not really aesthetically pleasing.

So there's this instead:




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