Whether the weather cooperates...

We've had several days of unseasonably warm weather and that means that it's time to clean the golf clubs, polish the shoes, check to make certain that last year's glove will still be serviceable and check the status of balls and tees.


Last year's glove is not a possibility. I left it folded up in my golf bag and when I opened my bag the ripe aroma pointed , quite pointedly, to my lack of foresight.

I've cleaned five clubs—start off slowly—collected five balls, some tees and my golf shoes. I'm ready.

Each year is akin to the beginning of a school year. I always bought new notebooks, pens, and dividers. There was something exciting about that pristine notebook. It held promises.

The start of golf season also holds promises. Perhaps this is the year that I'm consistent. Perhaps my short game will improve, perhaps I'll always have a good drive,or at least acceptable drive, when I start playing the first hole.

Now that everything is set all that remains is the cooperation of the weather. Whether we play or don't totally depends upon a continuation of unseasonable weather.


in medias res


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