Which Cocktail Would You Zodiac Sign Drink?

Which Cocktail Would You Zodiac Sign Drink?


Ever wondered which drink matches up best with your astrological sign? Each sign of the zodiac prefers a type of drink…Scroll down to find out what your drink is:




Aries: Vodka-Redbull is the drink of choice for fast- paced Aries! Always the life of the party and a competitive drinker, you will spot an Aries at the bar with a group of friends, ordering shots and sipping on Vodka-Redbull mixed cocktails all night into the early morning hours.


Taurus: Red Wine- that UB 40 song hit the spot for Taurus drinkers. Pour them a glass of deep, full bodied, earthy red wine, and they are happy as can be! Make sure you tell your Taurus friend the origins and flavor of the wine too, the more high-end, the better with Taureans. You may never see a Taurus drunk though, they prefer to enjoy a glass or two,but will not get too crazy, or out of control drunk.


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