Which is it- Winter, Spring, Summer??

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I'm falling in love a lot and kissing lots on dates so that means it's SPRING right?

But then again I applied for this holiday story competition just so that I could listen to Christmas carols... that means its WINTER

I took out all my favorite tank tops and started running around the house writing checks for bills in my underware so it's gotta be SUMMER

I paid 3.99 for a Midsummer Night's Dream just to watch Christian Bale run around naked in a forest...this is a SUMMER thing

The trees are all still really bare--I can see through all of them out my window to the highway....must be WINTER

Brad my date, said he couldn't find any flowers to get me for Valentine's Day. This is a (speculative) WINTER thing (I'm still on the fence about that)

I talked a lot about swimming in the Loch Raven Reservoir to Brian and how after I got out I saw 5 signs:"DO NOT SWIM- E.COLI HAZARD"- it's SUMMER

I dressed up in my bathing suit and wasn't cold while dancing for a guy on my bed in front of my webcam-- felt like SUMMER

My friend Aika and I sat outside at Little Havana's drinking Bloody Marys for 4 hours just to feel the breeze- breeze? SPRING i guess..

My friends talked about how they get no time off in March but checked off on a calendar the days till spring break- so SPRING.....

see how i'm confused?


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