Which Smart Phone and Tablet Apps Do You Like Most?

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This week, we're wondering which of all the hundreds of smart phone and tablet apps are the favorites among the BlogHer community. For me, some have become essential travel items (hello iPhone alarm clock), some are excellent time fillers when you're stuck in a line (Scrabble, Fruit Ninja), and some have completely obliterated my ability to recall movie/actor names independently (IMDb...destroyer of brains). I can no longer imagine what life was like before Pandora made me the program director of my very own personal radio station. And I have the whole galaxy in my hand when the Sky View app tells me which stars and planets I'm looking at with a couple of taps.

How about you? Select your favorites from the poll below, or give us some tips about the ones we've left off in the "other" choice or by leaving a comment. This will be a great opportunity for you to share your most amazing apps with the entire BlogHer community!


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