While Sitting In A Bubble Bath, I Outlined My Blog Post

Practicing a bit of what I learned at last night's blogging MeetUp, I sat in my daily bubble bath and did an outline of this morning's post.

Last night's speaker drilled this one main thought in our heads over and over again: Time + Execution, Time + Execution,Time + Execution. By that he meant, use every single minute of your day in execution. Don't dilly dally around reading meaningless junk online, go directly to information you need. Don't edit and re-edit your blog posts in fear of typos or 'what will people think.' Just put the information out there and hit the 'publish' button.

So many of us, including me, are afraid to just 'put it out there.' We're afraid of being judged, or having our ideas ridiculed. I've found over the last year that if I put an idea on a blog post, then hit 'Publish', I then have all of y'all making me accountable. My readers will hold me to my word, and somehow I'll follow through.

So, as instructed to do at last night's meeting, I got straight out of that wonderfully hot bubble bath*, fresh thoughts in my mind, hit the "On" button on the coffee pot, sat down at the computer, and whah-la! I have a completed blog post. Written, keyworded and probably complete with a few typos.

Mission accomplished. In less than ten minutes!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

* I will admit that I sat in that hot bubble bath for 20 minutes. Enjoyed every single minute of it. Wasted time or not.

To read more of John Saddington's advice on starting a blog, read his postings at: Tentblogger.com






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