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A friend this week shared with me WhiteWhine.com. If their URL doesn’t give it away for you, their subtitle is: A Collection of First World Problems.  As hysterically sad as this site is, I think God has used it to give me a good boot to the head.  It’s a huge heaping helping of Perspective, I guarantee.  I figured the best way to demonstrate is to give you a few of my personal whines this week:

- “I cannot believe I have to sit in this traffic in my brand new Scion xD.  Gas uses up a lot of my considerable expendable income that I would like to spend on myself in other ways!  And don’t these people realize that my extremely lucrative office job is way more important than wherever they need to get to?”

- “Why does my gym have to be so far away from me?  I really don’t feel like driving the two and a half miles so that I can run on a very expensive piece of equipment and then sit in their hot tub and relax.  It’s seriously inconvenient.”

- “I’m so tired because I only got 6 hours of sleep in my large, comfortable bed in my large, warm home.”

- “Ugh, I hate having to cook dinner at home!  It’s so annoying to go to the grocery store where I have to select from thousands of different high-quality, fresh foods.  And then take that food to my very expensive home where I have to cook it myself.”

Lots of times when I’m giving to someone their response is “God bless you!”  I used to just reply back with “God bless you,” until one day I felt God asking me, “What more blessing do you need?”  It wasn’t a condemning kind of question.  But as I looked at the homeless, jobless, possession-less man in front of me, it was a striking question.  What more did I need?

Now I respond, “He already has!”  If God hadn’t blessed me already with wealth and a spirit to hear his voice, I wouldn’t be out there in the first place.

Do any of these whines sound familiar?  Do you ever stop to take a moment to really consider your complaints?  Have you ever had anyone complain to you and had a realization like this?

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