Welcome to Whirlpool® 20|20: Your Future In Focus

Whirlpool® draws inspiration for all of our innovations from you, the customer. Every Whirlpool® product, design, and feature is created to help our customers live their best life.  So it only makes sense that when we look to the future, every idea starts with you. Welcome to Whirlpool® 20|20: Your Future In Focus

 How do we build a future focused on you?

Each innovation of Whirlpool® 20/20 is built on one of the following 3 pillars.

 Connection: By enabling appliances to connect to you and the world around them, you can truly run your home on your terms. Providing ultimate control and accessibility.

 Expression: Customizing everyday appliances with your personal style makes the home more personal and unique.

 Innovation: Innovative features and design that respond to the way you live. Rethinking products from the ground-up to put your needs and preferences at the core of their functionality.

 Join us at ces.whirlpool.com to see all of Whirlpool®’s innovations for tomorrow, inspired by you.  Be sure to check out the blog posts listed on this page for the chance to win $1,000!

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Whirlpool CES 2014 video + giveaway!

Another useful product which is coming out in 2014 is the CoolVox refrigerator, which has Harman/Kardon® speakers sneakily tucked within the refrigerator. You can control it wirelessly with your smartphone acting as a remote. Whirlpool's goals were to reduce the number of wires in the kitchen. This definitely beats having to mount speakers on your kitchen walls or trying to look for valuable counter space for the speakers....more

Whirlpool Takes CES vs. The Polar Vortex. (Giveaway!)

Whirlpool unveiled the appliances of the future and showed consumers that our future homes can soon be equipped with serious awesomeness like…An innovative, connected Cool Vox fridge that will give you and your family the musical inspiration to express yourselves in the kitchen courtesy of the Bluetooth enabled, built in sound system....more

why I need a smart cooktop and an embarrassing kitchen story

So I told you guys last week that I want one of Whirlpool’s new Coolvox refrigerators that come with a built in sound system, remember? Well, I’ve changed my mind. Now I want a Coolvox fridge AND one of the “smart cooktops” Whirlpool unveiled last weekend at the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s still in the concept phase and won’t be for sale for 5-10 years, but I’m not sure I can wait that long. Check this out:...more

Connected Appliances – The future of Whirlpool

The more I learn about Whirlpool appliances, the more I get excited about a future of efficiency and organization. I love it when technology simplifies my life, and Whirlpool has so many great ideas on how to accomplish this with both appliances, and simple applications that can be used on your smartphone and tablets....more

Whirlpool at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014

I think, of all the products Whirlpool introduced at CES, this CoolVox Refrigerator is my favorite. The idea of bringing music and Podcasts into the kitchen with quality sound is genius. But I didn't realize how beautiful and functional this refrigerator was until they rolled it out at CES! This video really shows the functionality of this fridge:...more

Whirlpool 20/20 introduces the Appliances of the Future

So, it’s been very enlightening to look into the future with Whirlpool via what they have showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show. Whirlpool’s new concept is built around the three pillars of connection, expression and innovation, its been interesting to see how these have been applied to making life in the home easier, connected and more intuitive and really fun to see how they could be applied in our next home....more

Whirlpool and CES Wrap-Up + $1000 Giveaway

Let your personal style shine with a collection of bold and beautiful designs to complement every look. Up your design aesthetic with a laundry pair that’s as fashionable as you with frontloading washers and dryers come in a variety of colors....more

The Future of Your Home: Part 2

When many of you left your comments last week, you talked about wanting to be able to communicate with your appliances and be able to program them when you’re away from home. You have to take a look at the next generation of Whirlpool Connected Appliances. Can you imagine if your refrigerator knew what was inside and it was all connected through wi-fi? Wouldn’t that make grocery shopping so much easier?...more

Do Your Appliances Talk to Each Other?

Not only will all of your appliances match… they will communicate with each other! The demo at CES showed a purchased pizza.The demonstrator was able to scan the barcode from the pizza and the oven immediately started to preheat for the pizza. I can totally see this as super helpful if I’m still at the grocery store. Since I work full time, I have to run to the store after work. Many times I won’t have time to make something for dinner when I get back from the store. I can scan in the barcode, and start to preheat the oven while I’m still at the store!...more

2014 Whirlpool Reveal [CES Wrap Up]

The kitchen of the future was full of connected appliances! By connected, I mean they communicate with each other over a wi-fi connection. Your fridge can tell you what you need to pick up at the grocery store, then when you know what you are having for dinner, your oven will preheat itself. And when the oven preheats for something extra messy, the dishwasher will be ready on the perfect setting to clean those dishes....more