White Bathrooms: Clean & Crisp

White kitchens have been very popular in the past couple of years, and another popular place for an all white color palette is in the bathroom.  White bathrooms have a clean and crisp feel while allowing the space to seem more open and spacious.


There is nothing more classic than an all white bathroom.  But how do you design a white bathroom that does not feel sterile and stark?  It's all about layering.  A combination of varying shades of white will help warm a space up.  If you are a wallpaper fan, select a tonal white wallpaper that has a pattern and a slight sheen.  Use materials that have depth to them, such as marble with more veining pattern in it--this will create interest.  Select varying materials with different textures and sheens; this will help reflect light and add depth to the space.  For example, use a honed tile for the main floor tile, but use polished mosaics as an accent--creating a pattern and a combination of textures.  And of course, to make that white really pop, use color only in the accessories or art.


Donna's Blog: white bathrooms, House Beautiful, Lindsey Coral Harper
designer Lindsey Coral Harper, House Beautiful, photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo



Donna's Blog: white bathrooms, House Beautiful, David Jimenez
designer David Jimenez, House Beautiful, photographer Jose Picayo




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