white collar | green soul

I live in Hamilton, Ontario with my husband and our pooch.   We recently purchased a 110-year-old Victorian home in the Harbour West area, near the downtown.  I love almost every moment of it – minus the moments when the ceiling is leaking, the roof needs replacing & the squirrels are getting comfy in the attic.

I began writing this blog in an attempt to share my passion/obsession for saving the world, but also my love for design.  I decided to use my own house as an example of the balance of those two aspects; whether or not this balance is ever achieved is hardly the point.  As with anything, it’s the experience and the journey that makes a difference; the mistakes, the screw-ups and the victories, no matter how small.

One day I hope to be a hippie with a vegetable garden and, hopefully, a pet goat named Howard.  But, I do hope I am sitting on a Harry Bertoia Diamond Chair whilst being this hippie.