White Elephant Sale

Y’all, I am not a professional political analyst. No one inside the “Beltway” calls me up asking for my opinion. I assume they don’t read my blog, because no men in black suits have come to my door to have a little talk with me. Nevertheless, I can tell you that a political move that throws a political party's ass into the polling dumpster is a numbnuts move.

Apparently, this is not obvious to the current incarnation of the GOP, based on the fact that the longer they hold the governments hostage the lower their approval ratings plunge. The Republican Party “is now viewed favorably by 28% of Americans” while a whopping 62% now see GOP unfavorably”. You cannot get 62% of Americans to agree on which Star Trek movies sucked the hardest, but we as a people have united to spit on the Republicans. That is NOT GOOD for you, Grand Old Party … not good at all.

It’s getting the individual in the gizzard, too. One twatwaffle who made defunding the Affordable Care Act his life’s work, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), just got poll results showing that 51% of his voters think he’s a dipshit, and “57 percent of Lee's constituents want him to compromise on a budget.” Not that he’s letting that bother him. According to Lee, the “only numbers I’m concerned with are the percentage of Utahns who are feeling the negative effects of Obamacare through lost jobs, wages, hours and health care".

He’s not the only one embracing delusion, by any means. The Semi-human Douchenozzle, Ted Cruz, is trying to reassure his fellow Republicans that because “46 percent blame the 2013 shutdown on Republicans, while 51 percent blamed the 1995 shutdown on Republicans” the GOP is doing GREAT. No, dude. No it’s not.

I’m an anthropologist, which means I am not surprised at irrational human actions, but I also have Asperger’s, which means I am still terribly befuddled by it. Thus, the stupidity being displayed by the far right who currently has the Republican Party’s gonads in a jar is nothing shocking, but the sheer fatuousness of it all flabbergasts me. Seriously, my flabber has been totally gasted.

When did GOP come to mean Gone Off Precipice?