White Teeth? British Opt To "Dye Another Day"

Saturday, December 6, 2008

You’ve got to love the Brits. Self-effacing humor, polite to a fault, and that accent—say anything with a British accent and you’ve got instant credibility! But what’s the deal with their disdain for American teeth?

Ricky Gervais, star of the recent film “Ghost Town,” was asked about the “ugly fake teeth’ he wore in the movie. “No,” he told the redfaced, American interviewer, “actually, they are my own.” This sparked a media firestorm in the UK where writers explained why the Brits like their teeth just as they are - thank you very much. Phrases like “rate character above perfection,” nice natural smiles-natural in colour,” and “a more functional view of teeth,” played prominently. It’s reported that Her Highness the “Queen would never submit to bleaching or the laser,” because---- “it would frighten the horses.”

Poor Elizabeth Taylor got caught in the fray as one UK author, admiring Liz’s beauty at 75, claimed Liz’s teeth “shouldn’t be neon or incandescent,” and that – “teeth should match your face.” The intense glare apparently causing the author to completely miss ol’ Liz’s jet black hair! HELLO!
The Dental Maven concludes that all this attention can only mean the Brits secretly admire the American devotion to a beautiful smile. Character is nice, function is necessary but a healthy, attractive smile is always an asset.
So go on and do up those dodgy dentiles! It makes you neither superficial nor American. You might love your smile as much as the Yanks love the Brits!

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