Whiten Whites Without Bleach--Say That Three Times Fast


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Spring is in the air along with the smell of fresh cut grass, the warmth from the sun and of course baseball season. I have been looking so forward to spring but now that it is here our family has kicked into high gear as we begin the months of living at the baseball fields and the resulting non-stop laundering as we try to keep up with the cleaning of uniforms.

I pray each spring that our kids will be assigned to teams that wear black or gray pants, not wanting to deal with the dreaded grass stains and dirts stains that penetrate white pants so deeply. Unfortunately for our boys, their little league team has been assigned to wear white pants this season. More unfortunate for me, I have the task of keeping their pants white. Why oh why could I not luck out another year and be assigned grey or black pants--they are so much easier to keep clean and stain-free. I guess after 6 years in this league I am due a turn at white pant duty. However, if I must embrace the wearing of the white pants, then I will find a way to keep them looking new.

Bleach may work for a while but I really do not want to be bleaching pants every other night for the next few months. That much bleach cannot be good for the pants or for my lungs.  I need to find a way to keep their pants at their whitest without the constant use of bleach. So with the task in hand, I am once again I am off and running searching for better alternatives.

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Carrie Dahle

Writer ~ Day to Day Woman


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