Who am I?

While writing the About Me section to my blog, Marilyn's Treats I started looking at other blogs to see what they shared. I have always been someone to bring a new aspect to what I jump into so I thought this article would be better.

When I was a young child I loved to roller skate, play jump rope and ride my bike. I was also comfortable just walking up and down the sidewalk using my imagination to become a glamorous movie star, or a researcher that found the cure to cancer. Well you get the picture. I was known as the free spirit down the street.

As a teenager to an older sister I discovered early on the effect of my sexuality on her boyfriends. Those were the times that made her not want me to practice my ballet in the room they watched TV. In High School I loved the attention from the boys that got all tongue tied trying to talk to me. And all the girls hated and envied me at the same time. I was the popular girl with no real friends.

In my 20's I got married and became Hubby's wife. A few years later I was known as mom of Son 1 and Son 2. In my 30's I was
Hockey Manager, Church Fair Ticket Leader, Funeral Dinner baker, and working full time Super Mom.

In my 50's I became Grandma. I am sure many can identify with these stages and the feelings they bring. While I was all these things they were a part of me, but not WHO I am.

I suppose I am different every day as my roles, needs, habits, desires and time changes. As time goes by we evolve. When we finally figure out who we are, we are well on our way of becoming a different person.

The question to WHO are you, will never be answered the same way twice. And now that I figured this out for myself I can slide it to the back of my mind for today and get on with changing it.

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