Who Are You.... Who, Who, Who????

It was a long, stressful, and aggravating day. Nothing seemed to have worked out according to plan.   Work was one problem after another.  And due to the rain, my eighteen miles one hour commute was doubled.  I was so happy to finally be home.


“Hi, I am home,” I exclaimed as I walked into the house.  I placed my bag on the table, and my coat in the closet.  I sat down on the floor to remove the new boots I just bought myself, as I let out a cleansing sigh.


Just at that moment, my husband, Marc entered the room to greet me.  “Wow, that was a big sigh,” he commented.  Then he called up to Alex, the cat, “Alex, guess what?  Mommy’s shoes must really be bad today, she sounds in pain!”


“Oh, no!” I exclaimed.  “Not at all, they are really comfy.” I explained as I held them up and lovingly admired them.


“New shoes and they are comfortable too?  Wow?  That is a first,” Marc commented.  “Who are you and what did you do with my wife?”

and since you asked on friday, this is part of the shoe closet...



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