Who Do You Think You Are?

NBC has a new show titled "Who Do You Think You Are?" during which celebrities are whisked around the world and led on a journey to discover their geneological roots. And I'm a bit bored by it all. I would be much more interested in the show if the "featured players" were not well-known celebrities who could probably make three phone calls and have their entire geneology outlined for free. Instead, I want Mrs. Jane Blashenblash from Peoria, Illinois to go on the show and discover that her great great (great, etc.) uncle did great things to promote women's rights! (Confession: What I *really* want is for Angela Pudding to go on the show and discover that she really IS related to William Randolph Hearst! (There are rumors, but no one has been able to confirm.))


Because I doubt NBC has any interest in helping me dig through my roots, I'm toying with the idea of using the internet to trace my lineage. I've heard it doesn't take much effort to locate historical records, and I sort of like the idea of being able to share the history with my kids.


Have you ever/would you ever use the Internet to seek out your family history? (AND, do you really care who Sarah Jessica Parker's great great (great, etc.) uncle is?!)


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