Who Does Kyle Favor More, Aunt Nikki?

Who Does Kyle Favor More, Aunt Nikki? Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, can keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend. ~Unknown Kyle & his Aunt Nikki at Kyle’s First Holy Communion 3/2009 There are so many other instances in which Ryan was channeled through Kyle, but there are more noticeable ones between Aunt Nikki and Kyle. The resemblance is borderline scary. Kyle, mirroring his Aunt Nikki is not a new concept. Actually, that’s an understatement. We’ve been observing this behavior since Kyle was able to walk. Even at a very young age he began to show his personality and specific traits. These unique traits really stood out and continue to do so, giving us glimpses of who Kyle is going to be as time passes. Unaware and unintentionally, Kyle has personified my sister, proven true time and time again. Before I get into details, I do want to make note that Kyle is certainly his dad but really shares a resemblance to his Aunt Nikki, behaviorally and physically. Let’s start at the beginning, puzzles. Yes, those pieces of curvy cut cardboard containing sections of an image, to be put together by a patient soul, resulting in a complete picture. Kyle has always loved puzzles! From the time mom gave him his first small puzzle, he seemed to graduate to thousand piece sets by the age of three. Kyle would sit there and put them together for hours until completion. For the record, I want to say I hate puzzles, definitely not my bag but my sister has the patience for such entertainment. At one point, Kyle referred to himself as “Puzzle Boy”. While putting a puzzle together, as we all watched him because he expected us to, Kyle turned to my dad and said, “Look pap pap I’m puzzle boy!” Way to cute! Later on, unbeknownst to us at the time, this behavior would escalate to Lego’s. Nicole was not much of a builder like Kyle or Ryan, but just like puzzles she can figure out the pattern to put it back together. She has the even temper to sit and sort out all the pieces and group them together for Kyle, acting as his assistant. That’s one of the ways they enjoy spending time together. Me? Heck no! I’ve tried to sit with Kyle and sort puzzle pieces and Legos and I’ve found out that I have no patience and no desire. I enjoy watching Kyle’s progress and seeing his satisfaction of another job well done, as we all do, but to actually get into the thick of it, nope! Nicole, Ryan and Kyle all have that engineering gene, which seems to run in mom’s side of the family. Kyle loves his puzzles & Aunt Nikki is there to assist... Read the full story http://auntheather.com/2013/who-does-kyle-favor-more-aunt-nikki/


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