Who Does She Think She Is?

Women have been struggling to balance family and career as long as women have been in the workplace. And over the last decade, we've seen progress. Partners expect to have to share household responsibilities to a certain extent; modern couples understand the need to take turns so each person gets a shot at making particular goals a reality.

What happens, however, when a woman decides her future is not in the office or the classroom, but in the studio or the theater? The arts require a serious time commitment, long before substantial paychecks follow--if ever. Many women decide to push their creative dreams aside because of this, and others, determined to find material success and recognition for their work, decide partners and children simply don't mix with the time commitment required.

The documentary film, Who Does She Thinks She Is? addresses the audacity of women who refuse to choose between family and art, determined instead to elevate art and convince their family and friends that this path is as valid as any other. The documentary tracks women who have refused to choose art over family and who are giving themselves over to the commitment of the call to create that will not let them go--bring their loved ones along all the way.

Here's the trailer:

Do you feel the pull between art and family? How do you navigate the desire to create with the voices of society that say the only work that matters is the work that gives you the most pay for your time and efforts?

Watch this space for interviews from women artists who are living into these dreams--with their families, with their partners--refusing to choose one over the other, determined to integrate their call to art with the deep connections they experience with the ones they love.

The film opens at the Angelika Film Center in New York on October 17, 2008.

Until then, check out inspiration from amazing mother artists Hula Seventy, Chookooloonks, Kim Indresano, Me Ra Koh and Keri Smith.


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