Who I Am In My Family and What I Am Not Without Them

After spending many years of searching, trying to find Me, and looking to “fit in,” somewhere, anywhere, I can now say, I am finally where I belong, and I know who I am. By the grace of God, I am home! I am a wife and a mother, and a grandmother. And because I have finally earned the love and respect I’ve craved all my life, I can now lead, where before no-one would follow.

 Who I Am In My Family and What I Am Not Without Them

Jenner by the sea: where Russian River meets the ocean.

The love and respect of my family are the greatest riches I could have ever hoped to have. But they didn’t come easy. Love and respect had to be earned.

I had to learn to be unselfish, to make others first in my life. And though I am important too, I am nothing if I cannot love back those that have come to love me.

Now that I’ve pretty much got the hang of being a good, loving wife, a self-sacrificing and compassionate mom and grandma, they have begun to fly the coop. And I am not sure just how I really feel about that. But because they’ve all not really gone, I have not yet experienced the “empty nest.”

I have three children; the oldest, a daughter, moved out when she got married, then the middle child, a daughter, got married and moved out too, then our youngest, a boy, moved out (I’m sure he thought he’d been home too long and was a little anxious to be his own man), but then the oldest came back, bringing her two sons with her. So it has been musical chairs all along: one comes in, another goes out….

Here I thought that I would cry when they all left, but seeing the joy on their faces and their happy lives is enough to fill my heart and keep me from feeling “deserted”! For now, my work is far from finished; I still have chicks in my coop!

We dream a life to be; we live to dream that life! (vka)


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