Who Owns Who? Thoughts on Grand Rapids

I just stumbled across a link to the destined-to-be-viral Grand Rapids LipDub of Don McLean's American Pie.(An article about why 3,000+ people came out to make this video, here.)

Anyhow, I'm not moved to watch YouTube videos and clips often. Usually I'm grabbing an internet-moment during a packed day and hoping the kids won't notice...so why draw attention to myself with video and audio?! Geesh, my kids eagerly notice EVERYTHING that flashes by on this screen that is now situated in our living room. (Sigh. No place else to stash a desktop in this house after our on-its-last-technological-leg laptop.)

But seriously. This completely entertaining video was so incredibly powerful. It was kindhearted, playful, surprising and most importantly, it reminded me of the beautiful side of the internet. The collaboration. Creativity. All that raw energy percolating to the surface and being exposed to millions of people. A beautiful, collective response.

Indeed, this LipDub reminds me of all the good in the 'land of plenty.' That so many people gathered in response to something they didn't agree with. And more importantly, they dealt with it in such a constructive and whimsical way. No flipping the bird. No profanity. No aggression. Just plain and simple empowerment and the freedom, the right and the momentum to gather in a way that shows honestly who owns who. Who has the right to create one's own image. And who has the power to tarnish it hastily with  attention-grabbing headlines that can and often do actually have lasting effects. There's so much anonymous crap-throwing out there. This was like being beckoned (heck, make that crowned) in a parade you didn't know you were participating in. And it's warm and sunny and all about sharing the love.

So, my question to you is, did you make it through the entire 9 minutes? I kept waiting for myself to click the little 'x,' return to busy-work...and instead I just smiled and tingled and loved every moment of it. Thoughts anyone?

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