Who Puked in the Pool and Shut it Down?

Who Puked in the Pool & Shut it Down

On December 12, 2013, in Crazy StuffMomSecond Set, by Jennifer McPherson

Preschool swimmingIt started like this…..

“Ann Marie.” I yell, “Let’s go swimming!”


Swimming lessons day!  Like most 4 year olds she loves swimming.  Nothing lights a fire under her quicker than the ‘let’s go swimming’ call.  She was suited up and ready to go in less than 2 minutes, which is more than a miracle.

We get to the pool, potty first so she doesn’t have to take time out of the pool to go!

I assume my position on the bench while she joins her teacher on the side of the pool.  The 4 year olds line the side eager to jump in. Excitedly they launch off the edge, one by one.

Not a single second more than 5 minutes into the 30 minute lesson, Ann Marie swallowed a bunch of water, gagged, then promptly puked a tiny bit in the pool.

Suddenly, three whistles were blowing long and loud. Life guards were motioning with long arms for everyone to clear the pool. At first I was sure someone was drowning, then in slow motion my mind began to connect the dots and I realized this is for the preschool puke in the pool. From the sidelines I felt my face rapidly change from white to neon red, not just neon red but neon red with an highly visible flashing arrow pointing directly over my head.  I know I should not pray for such things but suddenly I found myself praying to be invisible.

Everyone hightails it out of the pool where they announce the pool is now closed for clean up for the next 3o minutes. (Please, dear Lord if you can make me invisible for the next 10 minutes I swear I will be the most perfect person ever, second to you).  Nope, still visible…

The teacher comes over with Ann Marie who was now crying and reassured her that even he puked once in the pool.

And that was it.

Lessons were over, Ann Marie’s rice cake puke shut down the entire pool.  There are no words to explain this to preschoolers.  Remember all the clips of the children crying when Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to pretend they ate all their Halloween candy?  Yeah…I am sorry children, I know you only started your lesson 5 minutes ago but some kid puked in the pool and ruined it for everyone else.  I am certain I heard a few parents whisper that to their tots. Maybe I didn’t actually hear that but I am certain they were thinking it.

In all my years of mothering there are a lot of “first time that happened”. This one may take them all.  If only Ann Marie knew how much power she has when it comes to puking. This kid shut down an entire community center pool! Talk about Girl Power!

Has your child ever had the whole place shut down?


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