Who Says Money Can't Buy Happiness?

Well, I think I managed to traumatize my youngest last night.  But it's her fault for peeing in my brand-new bed...my second brand-new bed, actually, since I finally got around to exchanging the too-soft mattress for something that, while more expensive, feels like heaven.  It was worth every penny.

I heart my new mattress.  I do.  And I heart Mattress Discounters, who waived the 15% restocking fee when I informed them that this was the ninth mattress I have bought from them.


Nine.  That's a lot.


Anywhoo, Susie was in our bed last night (so what else is new?), and at some point she got up for a drink of water.  When she lay back down, I reached over to snuggle her and realized her pants were wet.


Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my pristine, never-peed-or-barfed-on new mattress?


Naturally, I screamed.  Poor Susie - she jumped out of the bed and stood there, wet and shaking with shock, while I stripped back the (also expensive) mattress cover and felt around anxiously to see if it had leaked.

So now I heart my new mattress cover, also, because it worked.  Worth every penny...


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