Who wants to budget their money?

A Budget can be a very useful tool . If you want to make goals for saving, paying off debt and  being organized on payday. I have decided to incorporate the ideas of YNAB .If we give all of our dollars a job we can be a more confident spender knowing we have a spending plan. I also think the idea of living on last month's income this month is definitely a fantastic idea! I am doing my best to get to that time in my life. How awesome would that be? I am working on that goal a little at a time and the emergency fund as well.If I get an income tax refund I can use a big chunk of that  for my buffer!  I read about envelope budgets too. My envelopes are :Bills,Saving ,Food and Discretionary Spending.Well,food could actually  go in the discretionary spending envelope and they aren't real envelopes.

      I have been reading up on all this stuff because I am working with a debt management program and I am anxious to be out of debt and I don't plan on taking on any more debt if possible because anything can happen like losing your job .Then,you've got a problem and then you either make no money for a while or very little money.


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