Who Will Be Working Out Next To Me or Old Woman Can Be So Cruel

 Yesterday, I walked into Curves for my morning workout.   Nine a.m. is a popular hour and nearly all of the machines were filled.   For most of the members going to Curves is just as much of a social gathering as it is an exercise program.  There is always 3 or 4 conversations going on at once.    But yesterday the hubbub was more concentrated and louder than normal.

     The manager, Carol, was standing in the center of the circuit and the women who were working out were listening intently to what she was saying.

     Apparently, five minutes before I got there, someone had walked in to inquire about a membership to Curves.   Not just any person, though, this person was a transsexual, noticeably in the midst of a gender reassignment.

     Everyone was congratulating Carol for handling herself in a professional manner.  Carol confessed, though, that it was hard to maintain her composure, especially when she looked over at Patty and Sue and saw the expression on their faces. 

     Carol said that she gave the woman the standard spiel and tour, just as she always did.    The woman thanked her and said she would have to give it some consideration.  

     Since Curves is strictly for women, the controversial discussion revolved around the what the policy of corporate Curves was regarding allowing a transgendered person to become a member.  The owner of the franchise was awaiting word from Curves corporate legal department.

      The consensus of the dozen women discussing this topic yesterday, was that they would not feel comfortable working out alongside a transgendered individual.  I disagreed and said that it would not make a difference to me who was working out next to me. 

      It is true that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and in this country can speak freely.

I did object to the manner in which these women were expressing their opinions.  The comments being made were cruel.   Some were making crude jokes.

     While it is true that most of the woman in attendance that morning were of the older generation,  I would have expected that they would have reached a maturity level that would have promoted a more respectful and caring attitude towards another human being.  

      I expressed my opinion to the owner and to Carol.  I let them know that I found the jokes and comments to be offensive.  

     But I am curious to find out what the ruling by the Corporate Curves will be.  It is an interesting question. I imagine a transgendered person must have to face challenges like this every day.

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