Who is Your Audience?

This is a question I have asking myself for a little while now. 

Who is my audience?   I think I lost that focus over the last year or two and just recently I started questioning what I wanted to do with my blog.  I have a small (but dedicated) group of followers who I treasure.  I however was stuck on the numbers.  It's hard not to be but I think that was just taking a toll on me, making me dread coming up with the "perfect" blog post. I also felt like I was being pulled into something I didn't want to do.  I didn't like being told what I could and couldn't post on my blog.  I felt like I was losing something I worked hard to build. 

The last day of BlogHer10 there was a session called Little Fish in a Big Pond - Understanding, Accepting and Loving Your Small Blog.  In that session I knew I wasn't alone and it was such a comforting feeling.  I walked out of that session feeling so good about my decision.

My audience is me (and others just like me).  If my random babbling touches one person, success!  I will no longer worry how many comments I get and stress over the numbers in my stats.  I lost who I was along the way and I have no found myself again. 

I hope this post helps someone out there who was struggling like I was.  So I ask you this....

Who is YOUR audience?

If you are interesting in the liveblogging of the session, it's available here!

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