Who'd-a-thunk that I'd ever do this for a living....?


I feel so self indulgent when I write just about what is coming out of my head, and what is happening with me, but its gotta be done, because blogging is the way to move into my new life.  Well, its not the only way, but it ties in with the new business I'm starting, for example.  I have been working to sell stuff on line, and its quite an eye opening experience. Where have I been all these years?  How did I not know that merchandising is the most popular way for Americans to make money these days?  What with all the brick and mortar stores closing down, the internet is going to be the only way anybody can get what they need. Until this recession ends, at least.  I am, however, moving slowly to get my website up, because of a few practical reasons, but the real reason for this lassitude is that getting used to the idea of "selling" has been a struggle. I've never, ever, liked being sold to, so why would I want to be in any kind of sales? The answer is simple;  I don't want to "go to work" at an office any more, I want to call the shots, and I can't face another interview.  So there.     


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