Whole Foods Ramadan Controversy

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[Editor's Note: Have you heard about Whole Food's promotion of halal products for Ramadan? Well, a right-wing blogger accused the crunchy supermarket of supporting Jihadists. A Twitterstorm ensued over whether or not the chain had pulled its holiday promotion. --Grace]

Whole Foods had a hot mess on its hands today after an anti-Islam blogger took to the web-waves to slam the national grocer for incorporating halal food offerings in its stores around the nation. The organic, health-conscious store has been promoting its month-long offerings for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan...

Read more about the whole mess at Divanee and tell us what you think: Did Whole Foods get unfairly pinned? Or are they doing some major corporate backpedaling?

Image Credit: That Other Paper, via Flickr

Read more from Whole Foods Ramadan Controversy at Divanee


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