To Whom Was The Bible Written?

Is the Bible an academic treatise or a love letter? Why was it written? To whom was it written?To many people, it can be like the story of the blind men trying to describe an elephant – it’s a long, bumpy hose, it’s a wall, it’s a fringed rope. If we pull out segmented portions, the Word is an instruction on diet, a book of poems, a vision of fantasy and war.

Any book read in segments will not be understood. It must be read completely to understand the true story. When the Bible is read for understanding, it’s clear that is is, indeed, a love story. It’s the story of God wooing His people to Himself, guiding them, reprimanding them, blessing them.

We need to read the Word with the understanding that it is God’s Word sent from heaven to our hands. The promises and cautions are not for other people, they are for us. When Jesus was trying to get His point across, He said, Let these words sink down into your ears. (Lk 9:44) Let them sink deep into your heart to change you and discover the Writer who loves you.

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