I seem to have accidentally taken a week off of blogging.  I got a bit burned out after all the posting last week, but there was a bigger issue going on.  Namely, it was a huge week  in my favorite club, the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry.  The House Cup is a 3-month crafting competition among a few hundred students who are sorted into houses like in the Harry Potter books.  I have been playing since our fall term in 2010.  I always play for Hufflepuff, and I've been on house staff for the last two terms. That means that this was a big week for me -- getting threads and new activities set up, understanding the classes where we post our projects for points (one of my jobs is to help Hufflepuffs match their projects to classes), and helping answer questions for our new members.

It was great fun, but it coincided with an extremely busy time for me at work, which included a day trip down to DC yesterday.  In short, there has been a ton going on and no time to blog.

There has been time for some knitting, though.  I'm making pretty good progress on blankie!

Which is a long-term project for the House Cup.  Everything I do, I turn in there somewhere.  It turns out that my competitive drive has been great for developing my crafting skills!


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