who's in charge of the church anyway

“Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” John 2:19 (Jesus speaking of His body)


Many in that day were asking Jesus “what sign do you show to us?” and this was their answer: Destroy this earthly temple but I’m raising up something Heavenly which has nothing to do with pillars, stones, man-made structures, but by the Spirit.

They didn’t understand.

And some still don’t, today.

We’ve microwaved our American faith to drive-through service of spiritual gluttons. Pet denominational doctrines and their keepers, the pastors, prefer a comfortable insulation versus listening to the women or men and receiving counsel from their own body.

The institution of church takes snippets and builds a religion on pieces of Truth. 

If our natural bodies were originally designed to be fit and healthy size, then shouldn’t our spiritual live also mirror fitness? Our diet should only be filled by the Spirit and not a building, service, program or pastor, alone.

Teaching was meant to enhance our Spirit-filled life, not to be the Life.

Church isn’t man-made walls, but ones of flesh and bones, and every part, that is person (man or woman) , needs to operate for it to be healthy.

So why do the “priests” of our day, seek to condemn those who worship outside of their control?

Why does the church continue to condemn men and women for speaking up, because they aren’t ordained by some theological school?

Either the Spirit is able to counsel us all, in all things, or not.

Or why would a home be less than good enough for “not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another…”? Hebrews 10:25

We must give Christ liberty too. Not just in a 501(c) but to any who choose to meet wholly outside a church wall and instead choose homes, parks, or other places for the sake of growing in the knowledge of Him and doing it together.

Is the Spirit so feeble that He’s unable to teach without programs in place?

Is the Spirit so diminished that a small group means He’s limited by numbers?

Or is ministering with a neighbor, or a friend, or family member, or somebody (whether or not they’re Christian) not a large enough ministry for God?

This is not to say there aren’t cults, or abusive small communities, or legalistic followings which look for places to set up their kingdoms. I acknowledge those, and know first hand, people who’ve been abused by those perverted gospels.

This is solely about Jesus.

This is about letting the true Shepherd be the Head.

When we are filled by the Spirit, we have the resources to do any works. We don’t do them because man designed church that way, but because He designed many parts to work jointly.

We don’t hold back from operating because man says we aren’t allowed to do it that way.

We listen and we do Christ’s bidding anyway, instead of man’s.

Why should the leaders of our day despise those that may be leaving the institution of church, if we’re all under Jesus?

No matter where or how we choose to worship, and especially if it doesn’t fit man’s way of doing it, it simply comes down to one thing: the curtain is torn. All may enter in and we don’t need a church hiearchy hindering us from doing it.

Church is not longer a temple, it’s a Bride, now excuse us if we get on the business of this marriage.

“‘Come, I will show you the bride, the Lamb’s wife.’” Revelation 21:9


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