Who's your moocher?

You know, I do understand my conservative friends frustration with paying taxes just so lazy/greedy people can suckle at the government teat. I cannot abide those who see society as a big dog that they can fasten onto like a tick and drain the dog’s blood until they are bloated enough to pop.

Where I separate from my conservative friends is in the identification of the ticks. See, I know that the ticks are not the poor people relying on the social safety net. Nope. The bloodsuckers are actually the asshats in the 1% – the ones running the country into the ground, killing our society, and feasting on the marrow of the taxpayer’s bones.

Here it is made simple:

what you pay taxes for

That means when you shell out to the IRS the companies like Big Oil, Big Coal, and Monsanto are the ones getting more of your greenbacks that the entire social safety net & the military combined. Wal-Mart and companies like it are even worse because they are double dipping; they pay their workers so little that your tax dollars have to subsidize their employs with food stamps and Medicare.

Families on public assistance programs spend “about $34 per person, per week” on food. Call me crazy, but that doesn’t look like the high life to me.

Who do you think is really draining this country with their demands?