But Why?!?!

The last few days have been pretty interesting for me. And without me diving too deep into my personal life and airing out my business, what I will say is that as each day passes, I understand the importance of faith. Now I am not a religious person but I am spiritual and I know that FAITH is important. Prayer is important. Prayer has the power to bring about change. FAITH is tested. FAITH requires patience. And often times FAITH requires a whole lottttttttttttt of patience. Something at times I don't think I have enough of and I know I am not alone. But when we are in the midst of dealing with something, FAITH and PATIENCE are two of the most important things.

All of us want to be successful. We don't want to live mediocre, check to check, unhappy, barely getting by lives. We want the best but we tend to forget that the best things in life do take time.  And there will be a time of struggle, often times great struggle, before we reach the land of diamond, pearls and Celine bags. (it's just an analogy!) But seriously, in the midst of our struggle, disappointment and discouragement are bound to set in. We want what we want and we want it quickly. And when we don't get it in the time we THOUGHT we would, that F word comes along....frustration. Because we tend to have a microwave mentality. We expect to get past our problems in 1 minute and move on to greater things. But it doesn't work that way. There is a time of preparation but let's be honest, there are times where you just want to scream at the top of your lungs! And you want to wake up one day and have EVERYTHING fall into place. But life and God doesn't work that way. What God has for us requires faith and patience! It also requires preparation and focus.

But let's keep it real right quick, when things don't go as we would like, when things are taking way too long for us, when we feel stagnant, when we get frustrated, when we feel like nothing is going right, when we wonder why things aren't happening, we get mad. And we may get mad at God. Don't sit back reading this and act like you have never been mad at God, if only for a moment. You've asked God why?! Why can I not meet a man/woman? Why am I not getting interviews? Why am I still unemployed? Why did I get laid off? Why can I not move on from this? Why is this happening to me? Why is nothing happening?! Why haven't things changed? Just why GOD!? You pray and it feels like your prayers are going unanswered every day, every week and month that passes by. But that's when your FAITH and your PATIENCE must kick in and kick in hard. The teacher is always quiet during the test. You are going through whatever it is you are going through because a lesson (or lessons) need to be learned. Once your time comes, you've passed your test(s) with flying colors,  you will be able to look back and understand WHY things happened or didn't happen for you. And you will be better off than you were before the problem even came about.

Understand the enemy always fights the hardest when God has something great in store for you. Whatever you are dealing with will not be in vain. Of course you want things to change like.......RIGHT NOW....but sit back, be patient and let things unfold as they may. Don't give up. Don't throw in the towel. Better is coming! Hold on! It will be worth the wait.



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