Why the Anti-Aging Industry is an Assault on Womens' Well-Being

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In 2002, three scientists published an article in Scientific American noting that "no currently marketed intervention has yet been proved to slow, stop or reverse human aging." But that doesn't stop millions of people from buying expensive anti-aging creams, utilizing various forms of cosmetic surgery, and generally doing everything they can to stave off any evidence that they are in fact growing older by the minute. Playing on everyone's fear of looking older is worth a lot of money-- the world's anti-aging industry has grown to $115 billion.

Sure, I would like to look 35 again but not 35. I'm 69. I am an older woman and I take the aging process au naturel. My hair is silver, I have gained some weight, acquired some wrinkles and sport the definitive neck skin that made Nora Ephron title one of her books I Hate My Neck or something similar.

To me the huge anti-aging industry is an insidious hype and an assault on our well-being. I refuse to go for it. It is just another highly lucrative way to paint aging as a fearsome, debilitating, humiliating, awful prospect that one must deny or avoid at all costs. Talk about stressful! Thinking that way is stressful. It encourages women buy into a perspective which tells them they are not good enough, not beautiful enough, not young enough, etc.

I find so much emphasis on youthful beauty wearisome.  Our focus on impossible standards of youthful beauty at all ages is exhausting and it leaves out so much.

Women are assaulted about beauty all their lives. As we age, what a wonderful freedom to loosen our grip on these long-held pressures.

Yes, I love the jasmine-scented Vitamin E cream I use on my face.  I like looking good, though my idea of what that means has changed over the years.I am grateful for health and vitality. I take care of my health, mostly with natural, herbal, and homeopathic medicine.

I don't support the anti-aging industry in any way and I never will. I don't want to have to pass for young! Aging has its own beauty; the later years provide the opportunity for a lot of personal growth. Age is a powerful deeply spiritual time of life. By now, a woman knows herself. Hopefully she loves and accepts herself and recognizes her strength and potency. Wanna get cosmetic surgery? Of course you can. Millions of women are doing just that. Just leave me out of it. I like life in the slow lane. I am my own authority  and I am enjoying a peaceful low-stress way of aging au naturel.



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