Why is Apple Picking "Green"?

There were 13 moms and at least that many kids that day at Janice’s house. We picked organic apples and made a lovely and extremely simple dessert with the group: we used a hand-cranked apple peeler to simultaneously peel, core and slice the apples. Then we added a sweetener and cinnamon to the slices – that’s it! And it was gobbled up in not time by everyone. We tried different sweeteners (organic sugar and brown rice syrup) as well as using ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to keep the apple slices from turning brown.

The kids enjoyed climbing trees, eating apples, playing on the play structure, using the peeler-cutting gadget to peel, core, and cut apples. But the all time favorite was feeding apples to the cows that live just over the fence!

Why this event is green:
It connects children and adults to the earth because they can see the apples come from trees…..not the store. It connects like-minded folks to each other socially so that the sharing of green inspiration and ideas can be exchanged. The low tech apple peeler/corer/slicer is a very simple low-tech gadget that involves the children in the physical action of creating food to eat. The apples are organic apples because for at least eight years, Janice and her husband Eric have not done anything to them but prune them. (JS note: and some water – ha!)

Have any other fun, simple outings or recipes to share? Add them to the the comments for this post.

-- Melinda

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